Hydro Links and Information

The Guide to Hydropower
The basics of how "home power" hydroelectric systems work.

HydroPower Resources
A nice source of information, particularly for hydro professionals.

Why HydroPower?
A balanced look at hydropower as a renewable energy source.

French River Land Co.
An excellent general source on hydro power.

Undeveloped Hydro Dams
This link lists dams in Vermont and undeveloped hydro electric capacity -- about 420 megawatts at 149 sites. The information is from a study by the federal Department of Energy. Change the last two letters in the link to navigate to other states.

Map of Potential Sites
This interactive web-based map from the Department of Energy (2006) shows where hydroelectric projects could be developed based on the slope of the river channel and half the available flow. The data show nearly 1,200 undeveloped hydroelectric sites in Vermont.

Hydro History
This site will help you to search out the history of mills -- and therefore hydroelectric potential -- in your town.

European Small Hydro Association
We need an association like this in the United States.

Canyon Industries Guide to Hydro Power
Useful information about hydro-electric power.

Community Hydro, LLC
113 Bartlett Road • Plainfield, VT 05667