Vermont Small Hydro Association (VSHA)

Small-scale community hydro is flowing ... and growing.

The VSHA, our local trade organization, promotes and supports the development of small, environmentally friendly hydroelectric generation at existing dams and damless diversions throughout Vermont. For more information about VSHA,contact Anne Stevens (astevens at

Small Hydro Brochure

We've created a brochure to help you spread the word about small hydro. You can download it in two versions:

Standard PDF - This is an Adobe Acrobat reader file (233K) that will print nicely on 8.5"x11" paper. It's got all the details on the benefits of small hydro. And it includes language to help get our referendum supporting small hydro (see below) on your Town Meeting ballot.

Publisher Version - This is the same brochure as a Microsoft Publisher file (470K). If you have Publisher, you can edit the brochure to meet your own community's needs. You might also find that your local print shop can help with the editing as well.

VSHA Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2006 - (28K PDF file)

The Vermont Small Hydro Referendum

VSHA is initiating a grass-roots effort to bring small-scale hydro power to Vermont cities and towns. With signatures from at least 5% of registered voters, a town can be on its way toward energy independence. Generally, signatures are due at the Town Clerk's office by the middle of January in order to be included on the 2007 Town Meeting ballot. If you succeed at getting this initiative on your community's Town Meeting agenda, please contact Anne (astevens at to let her know who specifically is working on the initiative. Thanks!

Hydro Referendum Petition - Use this form to gather signatures to get hydro on the Town Meeting ballot. It's a 12K PDF file.

Progress List - Here's a list of Vermont communities, the folks to contact, and progress on the referendum.

Community Hydro, LLC
113 Bartlett Road • Plainfield, VT 05667